Bosta and Corporate Social Responsibility

Bosta believes in smart water solutions. And for us, smart means sustainable too. After all, efficient water management is crucial to keep the demands for water in balance. Moreover, it is how we can help meet one of the United Nations’ targets. Bosta focuses on saving water, environmentally-friendly installations and innovative, sustainable measures. We do all that, mainly to shoulder our corporate social responsibility.

The WaterStarters foundation

It’s our mission to give everyone all over the world access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s why we use our expertise and our network for a variety of projects abroad. On these projects, we work closely with the African health organisation AMREF in the WaterStarters foundation. As a result, the local population can build and manage wells. Fifty per cent of the inhabitants of Kenya do not have access to clean water. Most of those people live outside the towns and cities and often have to walk for miles before they can fill their bottles.

We donate to WaterStarters with every sale we make.

Do your bit and support us.

Smart Service Center

Bosta’s Smart Service Centre, our technicians are creating designs for sustainable products. Our quest for environmentally-conscious alternatives for existing system continues, 24/7. 

New products are tested for convenience, speed and sustainability. As time passes, these aspects are becoming more and more entwined:  Bosta already produces irrigation systems that use the smallest possible amount of water and can be operated by means of an app. 

Here, at this location, we have designed a swimming pool system that monitors the pH values and automatically adjusts the quantity of chlorine accordingly.  The swimming pool pump raises the temperature of the water by a few degrees at a time to save power and cut costs. In addition, the technicians receive a signal if the pump breaks down.

Durable European Distribution Centre

Ultimately, an environmentally-friendly business starts with you. Your orders are made ready, packed and shipped from our European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Veghel, the Netherlands, from a building constructed on sustainable principles. It has good insulation, LED lighting and a low-energy processing system.

We do business with our hearts. That’s why we love sharing our knowledge and our network with the rest of the world.

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