Time is running out to redeem Waterpoints for free gifts!

12 Oct 2023, 08:00:00
We are nearly at the end of the current Waterpoints year - 31 October 2023 is the last day for Waterpoints loyalty scheme participants to redeem their points before their balance is reset to zero.

So, now is the time to redeem Waterpoints for fabulous gifts and experiences in the gift shop, before it’s too late.

Annual bonus points, based on annual turnover with Bosta, will be credited in the first week of October, along with any points earned from online purchases in September. Participants will receive a points balance update email when these points have been added to their account, so if you participate, make sure to keep a look out for it!

On 1 November 2023 points will be reset to zero. However, the good news is that unredeemed points are not wasted. We donate all unredeemed points to WaterStarters, a social enterprise that helps Kenyan citizens with access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Waterpoints – thanking our customers for their loyalty

Waterpoints is our loyalty scheme, set up to thank our loyal customers for continuing to do business with us. Participants of the scheme receive points for every online order they place with us, over a value of £500. We also reward extra annual bonus points based on annual turnover value. Points can be redeemed for gifts and experiences in the Waterpoints gift shop. How about treating yourself to a new gadget or hotel escape experience, or why not order gift cards to reward your team.

Want to become a Waterpoints member? Find out more here: Waterpoints