Introducing Bosta's DIY Garden Irrigation Kits

Get to know our complete and automatic irrigation kits, suitable for flower pots, backyards and vegetable plots.

As the scorching heat of summer arrives, proper irrigation becomes crucial for plants and gardens. Let your customers say goodbye to watering cans and hoses, and use Bosta's DIY irrigation kits for automatic watering. These kits provide everything your customers will need to create a comprehensive irrigation system. With clear installation diagrams, these kits make the setup a breeze.

A DIY kit for every project

Bosta offers five different DIY kits, each designed for different project sizes. For precision projects like balconies, flower beds, or urban gardens, the Agrodrip kit with 15 drippers provides efficient irrigation. Simply connect the hose, insert the drippers, and start watering automatically. For larger projects like terraces, the Agrodrip kit with 30 drippers will cover your customers' needs.

If your business serves customers with vegetable patches, greenhouses or areas up to 50 square metres, the Agrodrip set with inline drip hose is perfect for even moisture distribution. Furthermore, the DIY kit with pop up sprinkler is perfect to irrigate lawns up to 70 square metres.

Bosta's DIY kits are durable, with lightweight materials and resistance to weather conditions. Expand your business offerings by ordering Bosta's high-quality irrigation kits today. Provide your customers with precision, efficiency, and convenience for their gardening needs. Read more about our irrigation DIY kits here or order directly from this page.