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With a proven track record of successful projects, we deliver tailored solutions for diverse needs. From efficient garden irrigation solutions to innovative commercial frost protection projects, we have the expertise and experience you can rely on. Our dedicated team combines industry knowledge with advanced technologies to provide water-saving, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Whether it's small-scale operations or large industrial projects, we can help you design and implement the right solution.  

We can help you with:

  • CAD design production
  • Specification and sourcing of components 
  • Delivery from our European distribution centre to your site 
  • Installation and testing 
  • Full project management

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Blueberry protection for Hayberries Blueberry

In 2020, 15% of the harvest of the company Hayberries Blueberry was lost because of dry weather. We designed an irrigation system to ensure the berries can withstand very dry summers and are protected from frost in winter.

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Commercial effluent wastewater - The PED System

Livestock farms often have to deal with the disposal of a lot of effluent wastewater. We have designed a filtration and underground drip line system to recycle and reuse wastewater for a world-leading poultry farm. Besides designing the project, we also took care of product supply, installation and commissioning.

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Domestic Precision Effluent Dispersal - The PED System

The UK and Ireland team have designed a low-pressure, high-efficiency irrigation system that uses buried drip tubes to disperse treated effluent and wastewater for light irrigation purposes. The system is fully licenced and can be installed in domestic and light commercial developments.

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Horse arena irrigation for Becker Sport

A dry upper layer of sand in a horse arena can cause injuries to horses. Our team in Poland designed an irrigation system for Becker Sport to ensure the horse arena has a firm ground and to prevent dust. 

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Garden and horticulture farm irrigation for Outdoor Projects

Out team in Belgium designed a garden irrigation system for the company Outdoor Projects, including CAD-drawing, bill-of-materials and quotation. The irrigation solution ensured perfect watering for the lawn, flowers, vegetable farm and hedges. 

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Theme park irrigation for Irrland Oasis

Our team in Germany designed a smart irrigation system to water over 300,000m² of land for Europe's biggest Oasis theme park, Irrland Oasis. Guidance on installation was also provided by the team.

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