NEW in our Range: Flotide Products

14 Apr 2022, 21:05:49

You may have already noticed in our webshop and new catalogues that we have a new brand in our range. We proudly present to you FLOTIDE.

Flotide Domestic Range

The Flotide range includes products for water efficiency around the home. Think of applications like swimming pool, watering the garden and rainwater collection. Flotide guarantees value for money – reliable quality for everyone. We start small with a Flotide range just for pool owners, with products including white goods, pool lights, heat pumps, sand filters, pool pumps and pool cleaning. Some of these products you may have bought in the past under our old brands like Mega, Hydro-S and Eco.

Gradual Brand Introduction

As part of our strategy we are rationalising and strengthening our own brands. Old brands like Mega, Hydro-S and Eco will gradually be phased out and our new brands Flotide, Norsup and Profec will take over. The products will stay the same, only the branding will change. We will gradually introduce Flotide into the market. In the coming months you may still receive products from our old brands and Flotide will take over in the course of the year.