New landscape catalogue out now!

Browse our latest assortment in our new and improved Landscape Turf catalogue for 2023
At Bosta, we understand the importance of having a thriving and beautiful garden or park. That's why we're thrilled to announce the publication of our new Landscape & Turf irrigation catalogue, designed to help you offer the best solutions for your customers’ gardens and parks.  

Our new catalogue is designed with you, the installer, in mind. Compared to the previous catalogue, we've included more advice and guidance in the form of detailed information and QR codes to access videos, making the installation process as simple and efficient as possible. Besides that, we've expanded our assortment with the newly added premium irrigation brand, Hunter. Hunter offers high-quality controllers, sprinklers, and electrical valves for seamless irrigation systems.   

We understand that the complete installation process can be time-consuming and complicated, which is why we've also introduced pre-assembled valve boxes to our assortment, which you can find in the catalogue. These ready-to-go valve boxes will save you valuable time and effort to ensure a smooth installation process.   

Another new addition to the catalogue is the section on PP one piece swimming pools. Here you can find everything needed to install a pool quickly and easily. If you are unexperienced in the field of pools, our team of swimming pool experts are on hand for practical installation support and advice.   

Furthermore, it is well known that eco-friendly products are of increasing importance. That is why our assortment also includes many water and energy efficient products like sustainable driplines, controllers with rain sensors and soil moisture sensors.   

Whether you’re an experienced installer or have just started a new company in this sector, the new landscape catalogue is a comprehensive resource to find the right products and to help you install the best garden irrigation systems. Click here to open and download your copy of the new catalogue.