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La Buvette

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La Buvette - drinking bowls, tanks and waterers for your livestock

The French expert in livestock watering, feeding and stabling 

A professional player with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Both Bosta and our partner La Buvette have been operating in the water sector for over 75 years. La Buvette manufactures products and systems for the livestock industry.   
As a specialist in livestock drinking troughs, it is La Buvette’s mission to vouch for the productivity of livestock farms. La Buvette does so by offering farmers total solutions comprising products and services for watering, feeding and stabling their livestock. It therefore improves animal well-being, while also offering farmers greater convenience.

Bosta & La Buvette - partners that grow together

As an expert in water technology, Bosta supplies smart, simple and efficient water solutions globally. As the wholesaler for professionals in the water technology sector, Bosta meticulously selects its partners. We endeavour to forge long-term partnerships with brands that share our core values. Companies and suppliers who are just as progressive as we are. On the basis of this principle, we joined forces with La Buvette, the drinking trough specialist in the livestock sector. Discover how you can benefit from this fruitful partnership.

A total supplier

We possess nothing short of 75 years of experience in the field of water technology.  You are familiar with Bosta as a supplier of piping systems and other products suitable for use in the livestock sector. Thanks to our partnership with La Buvette, you can now also rely on us for the entire drinking water system. In choosing La Buvette as a partner, Bosta has found the missing link.

La Buvette has not outsourced production, but continues to manufacture itself. The firm produces its own plastic drinking troughs in its factory in northern France. La Buvette rapidly responds to market demands by manufacturing new products. Its innovative attitude aptly matches that of Bosta. After all, we also directly translate our customers’ needs into a suitable solution.

La Buvette's products

Complete solution for your water challenge

While we traditionally supplied complete piping systems for drinking water facilities, we can now add the final water dispensing point in countless shapes and sizes: the drinking trough. Having become a total supplier, we can therefore also offer customers in the livestock sector the most suitable solution.

Shared values

We innovate our technologies to achieve growth for both you and your customers. The La Buvette product range is entirely in keeping with this objective. The fact that it comprises various drinking troughs for all sorts of cattle, which are continually innovated, brings such growth one step closer. As a distributor, we are more than happy to commit to this goal. 

Originally founded in France, the company’s business remains firmly rooted in the livestock market there. Bosta aptly complements this, given that its sales networks extends throughout Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia. This enables us to strengthen one another’s operations, while supplying an even greater range of water solutions worldwide.

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Innovating and improvement

Progress cannot be achieved by standing still. Bosta’s engineers therefore pursue the development of sustainable products in our Smart Service Centre. We seek environmentally friendly and innovative alternatives to existing water systems literally seven days a week. We assess new products on the basis of convenience, speed and sustainability.

This goes hand in hand with La Buvette’s vision. The drinking trough specialist cooperates with livestock farmers in the field to keep close track of market requirements. The manufacturer considers matters including the specific requirements of different livestock and herd proportions. The outcome is the annual launch of new equipment. This enables La Buvette and Bosta to offer customers a number of total solutions that are tailored to meet the challenges currently faced by livestock farmers.

Vision of the future

As a result of climate change, the livestock world has become a highly turbulent one. Periods of drought are lengthening. Whereas the climate in other regions is becoming colder. It is therefore increasingly difficult to gain access to clean drinking water. Water is consequently more inclined to become polluted or freeze, which ultimately affects its quality. And this, after all, is one of the most essential elements for livestock production. Without water, there is no income. Without water, no animal welfare.

Bosta and La Buvette base their decisions on these facts. The world is changing, and we are changing along with it. We develop drinking troughs that prevent spillage. We produce shielded drinking systems that prevent water from becoming contaminated. We ensure that water does not evaporate quickly. And we continue to innovate drinking troughs until we find the most animal-friendly shapes and materials. Put your problem to us. We will find the solution. That relieves you of a worry.

Our livestock specialists

Long before the partnership with La Buvette was forged, Bosta had already set up a livestock team. This special team comprises sales specialists from all branches of Bosta. These colleagues possess a wealth of knowledge of both their local market and the livestock sector. They amply support La Buvette by providing the manufacturer with feedback concerning our customers’ needs. And the latter in turn enables Bosta to offer a total package of drinking water systems.

Our specialists advise professional livestock enclosure builders with regard to the smartest possible layout of drinking water facilities. The type of piping systems, the number of drinking troughs per herd and the choice of materials: They devise the most suitable solution for any circumstances. Customisation is the key.