From wholesaler to expert in water technology

Water technology is our passion. We are passionate about helping you solve issues related to piping systems, irrigation, water recreation, water purification and geothermal power. We supply the products and systems - but that’s not all we have to contribute to the solution. We stand out from the crowd because of our dedication, our enthusiasm and our pioneering role in water technology. 

Company history

Bosta was founded by Jan Bottemanne and Frans Stadegaard. Initially, our core business was manufacturing conveyor belts for food-processing machines but we very soon expanded it for irrigation purposes, such as supplying components for agricultural pipe systems. We opened our second branch in Belgium in 1980. In 1982, we set up a partnership with a rival company, Germany-based Bevo.

Bosta and MegaGroup: Sharing knowledge and expanding expertise

The mission of both Bosta and MegaGroup is to make water solutions accessible to improve people’s lives and so that we can help our customers, our staff and our partners with their sustainable growth. During the 80 years since we were founded, we have extended our expertise to cover the sectors irrigation, livestock, swimming pools, aquaculture and geothermal power, and we are now the market leader in water technology. The foundations for this growth were laid in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, in 1943.

Market leader in water technology

Bosta and MegaGroup want to help solve water-related challenges we face across the global, in the broadest meaning of the word. Our goal is to be the number one partner in water technology and that’s why we are concentrating on innovative developments; we do that at our Service Centre by sharing knowledge and by listening carefully to you.

Innovative and environmentally friendly

We are always on the lookout for improvements, to make your water management even more efficient, so you can save even more water. It means you can use low-energy, cost-cutting technology more and more often. At the moment, we are trialing Root Sense, a smart irrigation tool that measures the suction power of crop roots so the amount of water used by the nursery for watering can be adjusted to match it, saving water and cutting costs. This vision of the future requires innovative ideas for more efficient systems, and here at our Service Centre, we search for more sustainable solutions. That’s why we are always have been, and always will be, pioneers in the water industry.

This is MegaGroup

We strive for quality in our products, our information and the service for our customers. Aiming to satisfy over 20,000 customers around the world. We regularly measure their satisfaction with our products and relationship. In this way we know whether we are living up to our expectations.

  • 25,000 customers all over the world
  • 10 sales offices in Northern Europe
  • 250 employees throughout Europe
  • Over 80 years as the market leader in water technology

Bosta and MegaGroup

Once there were several European branches, a need arose to centralise the business processes. Accordingly, those processes were transferred to MegaGroup in 1989. To this day, this trade holding company is in charge of things like sourcing, finance, E-commerce and marketing. 

This leaves Bosta free to do what we do best: helping you, our customer, with your challenging water projects. In fact, during our 80 years, we have helped thousands of customers with their water projects.

European distribution center

In 2000, Bosta UK joined the other branches, and six years later, our branch in Poland was added. Another five years after that, a sister company was opened in Denmark. Now that we had European cover, the need arose for a central distribution centre.

This centre was opened in Veghel, the Netherlands, in 2013; the first shipment left its doors in November of the same year. Ever since then, it's served as our key hub, housing all 20,000 products in our assortment.

Your partner in every project

We don’t just supply the right products and systems. We like to contribute ideas that will help you get exactly what you want, whatever the area of water technology. That includes your choice of product, because every situation requires a different solution. We will make an in-depth study of your project. We will also discuss which parts would be best for the job, and then we deliver the full package. And, if the situation changes, we can respond quickly. That’s what we believe customisation really means.

Your full-range, efficient and reliable supplier and project advisor

Send your questions to Bosta. We are happy to help.

Committed and dedicated

All our staff are personally committed to helping all our customers, from their very first request. Because of their enthusiasm, they see every challenging water project as an opportunity - an opportunity to help you progress and to make the world a healthier place with smart water solutions.

Easy ordering

Ordering is easy and quick in our webshop. In case you also need to order a spare part. We have spare parts in stock for nearly all our products, which is handy for repairs or if you need to re-order a spare part. 

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Always accessible

Here at Bosta, you can arrange everything online. Login to your personal account and place your order. If you have a question, check our FAQs. If your question cannot be answered online, don’t hesitate to call us or discuss a project with us on site. 

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