Corparate Social Responsibility

Being sustainable in business, socially and environmentally

Bosta's Corporate Social Responsibility 

With the CSR programme we hope to make changes, take action, and support others to positively maximise the impact we have on the planet. Our goal is not only to be sustainable in business, socially and environmentally, but to instill it in our company culture and the way we work. For our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Three CSR pillars

Environment Pillar

With our environmental pillar we aim to make positive changes regarding water usage, climate change and circular economy.

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Social Pillar

We want to be a frontrunner in employership and employability. Bosta aims to make positive changes for people. With our social enterprise, WaterStarters, we want to radically improve the access to safe and affordable water.

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Governance & Culture Pillar

For our third pillar, Governance & Culture, we have created several guidelines and policies to help our stakeholders to make more sustainable and social choices.

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Greener choice alternatives for sustainable solutions

Protecting the planet by offering product alternatives that reduce your environmental impact

“We can't do something about the number of people on earth, but we can do something about how we handle resources like water”

Marijke Ernest - Sustainability Coordinator

CSR projects

Viridix RooTense

New developments in the agricultural sector make our heart for water beat faster. So do products and systems that make water readily available, while also saving costs and promoting productivity. Following our mission to supply smart irrigation technology, we offer you the latest development: RooTense.

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Aquafeed is an organisation dedicated to optimising the growth of crops in agriculture and tree nurseries. It is the expert in water and fertigation. Through the system applications they produce, water and, if required, fertiliser is added to the soil at the right time and in the right amount. The combination of installing the entire system and transferring knowledge means that water, energy and fertilisers are used responsibly. Aquafeed collaborated with Bosta to set up their sustainable system.

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Seawater cubes

Only every tenth fish consumed in Germany comes from domestic production. SEAWATER Cubes aims to change this, starting from the bottom up. Their cutting-edge solution brings a whole new approach to the aquaculture industry, by allowing cultivators to raise sea fish inland. Bosta is proud to partner with Seawater Cubes because of its sustainable projects.

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The WaterStarters foundation

It’s our mission to give everyone all over the world access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s why we use our expertise and our network for a variety of projects abroad. On these projects, we work closely with the African health organisation AMREF in the WaterStarters foundation. 

As a result, the local population can build and manage wells. Fifty per cent of the inhabitants of Kenya do not have access to clean water. Most of those people live outside towns and cities and often have to walk for miles before they can fill their bottles.

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